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Let's face it, yoga feels great. Practicing yoga in a beautiful sanctuary-like space with a group of beautiful humans feels even better. That's why we're here!  It's super easy to join us with our new student offer...

Want Upside Down Joy?

Check out our aerial yoga program with our new to aerial offer.  Two aerial yoga classes within 31 days for $31.

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Yoga Feels Good

It's true!  When you begin your your wellness journey with yoga, you start to feel fabulous.  Taking care of our bodies with a group of friends makes it fun.  That's where JOYasanAH comes in.  We have 20+ classes per week taught by expert instructors.  We will help you begin or deepen your practice, no matter what level you are at.  Our instructors have many decades of combined experience and training, and their classes combine many different fitness elements into a safe, intense practice.  We offer yoga, aerial yoga and dance fitness. With our 13 day trial, you have two weeks to pick and choose which classes appeal to you, and try all of our yoga and dance fitness class! With our new to aerial offer, you can try two different classes for a great discount. Which offer is right for you?